Oil Field Jobs eBook Educates Public on Shale Oil Plays

Oil Field jobs in North Dakota has created a media and jobs frenzy in recent months. Most published newspaper stories or 5 minute news spots do little more than communicate the fact that there is newly discovered oil and thousands of jobs available in North Dakota. These types of stories leave most people, who are uneducated about the industry, wondering if the jobs oasis really exists or if it is a hoax.

The logical next step for someone who is interested in learning more about The oil field jobs is to research it to see what it is all about and if there really are jobs available. This is where the difficultly begins. There is very little comprehensive information online or in print about The oil field jobs, much less how to go about getting a job in North Dakota.

The solution for many, however, has been a newly released eBook entitled the “Shale Oil Revolution,” by Matt King of albertaoilcareers.com. The book clearly outlines the processes which made this new oil rig jobs economically viable, and arms its readers with baseline knowledge to excel in an interview or to simply gain a better understanding of what is going on. The greatest benefit of this eBook is that although it describes the technical processes of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, it is still easy enough for anyone outside the oil industry to understand.

When asked why he wrote this eBook, Matt King said, “I was tasked to gain an expert knowledge level of new shale oil field jobs in the country for my position, but there was not a consistent resource I could draw from to be able to explain the industry to my colleagues and boss. I started my oil industry career knowing absolutely nothing about these new oil field jobs and after several years of research, I became a relied upon speaker on the subject for a Fortune 500 company. This book is the result of my research and speaking with and shadowing current industry leaders in The oil field in North Dakota.”

He also said that his main goal for writing the “Shale Oil Revolution” was to educate the general public about the new shale oil industry and to help potential oil industry applicants with a solid foundation in order to stand out in an interview.

The book covers several topics in detail from the historical oil production methods to the modern methods of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing. In addition, the book walks through a typical Well from leasing the land and minerals to producing and refining the oil and gas. The embedded graphics and clear descriptions throughout do not leave much to the imagination, which is great for those who have not been exposed to the industry before.

The release of this book will no doubt help the hundreds of thousands of people who search daily on the internet for information about The Bakken and other new oil discoveries.

About the Website:
Alberta Oil Careers is a recently launched website dedicated to educating the public about the emergence of new oil discoveries, unconventional resource production. The website also provides links to Oil Jobs information and resources about other emerging such plays such as the Niobrara, The Eagle Ford, and North Slope Shale Plays.


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