Oil Rig Jobs -Want to work in the Bakken?

Oil Rig Jobs -From fast food to executive level jobs, there is opportunity in oil.“At any given time just in Williston we have over 3,000 jobs,” said Shawn Wenko, assistant director of Williston Economic Development.

Those looking to take advantage of North Dakota’s oil boom will need to do some research before finding the right opportunity. Not only do some of the oil rig jobs have strict requirements, but it can be difficult to find affordable housing, especially for a family. The economic development office has complete information about relocating on its website.

According to Williston Economic Development, oil industry positions are available in both exploration and production. Positions include: shop technician, sales, clerical, mechanical, welder, roustabout, truck driver, electronic tech, operator assistant, seismic, crane operator, concrete finisher and mud logger.
Here’s the specifics:

1.Most positions are labor-intensive and involve outdoor work in all weather conditions;
2. Minimum age restrictions may be 18 or 21 years old;
3. Drug testing is required in the hiring process and performed randomly on the job;
4. Most positions require a valid driver’s license with a clean driving record;
5. Some require a commercial driver’s license (CDL), or the ability to acquire one;
6. Significant overtime hours may be available. It is important to check with the company regarding work schedules.

One Rapid City man has started an employment services business to help people from this area connect with oil field jobs.

Jim Shackleton started Focus Services (348-4221) out of his home. He helps people connect with jobs as rig workers, truck drivers, heavy equipment operators, safety supervisors and general manual laborers.Shackleton said that with his own experience as an oil rig worker and manager, he knows the job requirements and has connections with experienced workers.While newcomers do get hired, Shackleton said there has to be a certain number of experienced workers on a rig.

“You put a whole bunch of inexperienced people, you’re setting yourself up for serious disaster,” he said.
He said if someone doesn’t have direct oil industry experience, it helps to have other experience in construction or ranch work, jobs that demonstrate a strong work ethic and facility with heavy equipment for Alberta Oil Careers.

“A lot of them will say, all I want is a guy with a good attitude, I can teach them the stuff,” Shackleton said.So far, Focus has placed about 20 workers, receiving compensation for each worker who stays with the job a certain length of time.