US Oil Rig jobs on the get higher

Oil Rig Jobs -The prospect of an economic recovery, combined with higher gas and oil prices in 2009, has increased US oil rig jobs activity. In comparison with the low prices in December 2008, oil prices have increased by more than 100%, according to figures released by Baker Hughes Inc. While land drilling remained relatively consistent, increased activity was seen in both inland waters and offshore drilling.

Economic Stabilization:

In the face of the global financial crisis, activity had been scaled back, although the gas and oil industry made the decision to retain its workforce. For oil rig jobs, the reality of recession was brought home in the form of lower commodities and tighter access to the credit required to continue with production. However, rather than opting for redundancies, the same companies chose to freeze wages and keep the skills and experience of those in drilling jobs and oil rig jobs as an investment, ready to undertake new work as economic stabilization became a reality. As the US and the rest of the world began to see signs of economic recovery, fuel demands have increased and, with it, the financial potential for profit. Having kept its workforce in reserve, the industry has been able to meet the call for new resources and, as a by-product, new oil jobs and oil careers have been created to cope with increased demand.

Increased Activity:

During the final seven weeks of 2009, the number of oil rigs active in the US increased steadily and incrementally. By mid-December of that year, the total number of oil rigs in production totaled 1,141 - 30% higher than in June of the same year. Louisiana saw an increase by seven rigs, bring its total to 176, Wyoming added another two to its existing 38, while Oklahoma, North Dakota and California added one each, reaching totals of 451, 17 and seven, respectively, according to Baker Hughes. By the end of 2009, Texas alone had produced 347 million barrels of oil and has increased its rig-count by a further seven.
Years to Come

With fuel demand on the increase and oil field jobs striving to match it, the US Government is considering a series of financial incentives to support the renaissance in the oil industry. While the oil companies have taken the shrewd move to hang onto their front-line workers, new technology, such as for horizontal and directional drilling, is creating more and more opportunities for those looking for oil jobs and oil careers. The downstream jobs, such as drilling jobs and oil rig jobs will always be in demand as long as oil reserves are used, and it seems very likely that there will be new openings for qualified applicants who want to work at the vanguard of the oil industry in 2010.

In addition, 46 US-owned oil platforms are being rebuilt in the Chinese Ocean, after the destruction in the far East wreaked by a season of ferocious hurricanes. Once again, the development of oil-drilling technologies means that these rigs will be redeveloped as bigger and more efficient operations, offering further opportunities on a global scale. While the search for renewable energy continues and is at the forefront of most political agendas, the oil and gas industries will continue to sustain us until these resources can be harnessed.

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