Oil Rig Jobs -20-50 more jobs in oil, gas industry upcoming

Oil Rig Jobs -BTI Services is ready to provide from 20 to 50 new jobs for Carroll County as part of the oil field jobs exploration boom in the Tuscarawas Valley region.

BTI representative James Dodd announced this week that the company has started providing some services from its facility at 1100 Steubenville Road in Carrollton. BTI recently paid $1.4 million to buy 28 acres and a 47,000-square-foot building there. The building was owned by Energy Transfer, which has moved to a new location.

County Economic Development Director Glenn Enslen said he is excited about so many new jobs becoming available for county residents. Dodd said that most of the jobs are expected to be filled by area residents. The pay scale has not been finalized and will depend on experience, skills and type of job.

Based in Houston, Texas, BTI employs more than 300 people in seven states. Dodd said the Carrollton facility will be fully operational within 30 to 45 days. Renovation is under way at the facility.

The company offers a full line of rental equipment for surface and down hole drilling, and well completion. BTI also provides a complete line of quality fishing tools and services for open and cased holes.

BTI has a store in Pennsylvania and it is anticipated that the size of the Carrollton store will provide space for a large volume of product lines for use by oil rig jobs companies. 

“We offer maintenance after the rig has left the drilling site,” Dodd said, adding he’s looking forward to providing services locally to drilling companies that need them.

BTI was formed in 1984 and operated under the name Blowout Tools Inc., according to the company’s website. As the company expanded its services, it became BTI Services.

BTI’s announcement is the latest involving oil and gas exploration companies and those providing support services.

• Tremcar USA in September announced a $1.8 million expansion of its Strasburg plant and new facility in Dover in Tuscarawas County, adding 145 jobs to an existing 55 jobs in Strasburg, where aluminum trailers are produced and tankers are repaired.

• Schlumberger, a major oil field service provider to oil and gas companies worldwide, spent $2.89 million in December to buy about 140 acres in the Strasburg Industrial Park. Schlumberger expects 50 employees there by mid-summer and 150 more over the next two years.

• Select Energy Services in January announced that 200 jobs will come to Carroll County within the next year to provide well-site services for the oil and gas industry. The company has opened a temporary office in Malvern until 30 acres near Carrollton can be purchased, where a permanent facility will be constructed.

• Mark West Energy Partners announced plans in early February to build a natural gas processing facility in Harrison County that would begin operations in mid-2013. Between that plant and one planned for Monroe County, about 40 jobs will be created.

• Uhrichsville officials announced last week that El Paso Corp. is purchasing more than 200 acres off Blizzard Ridge Road near Newport in Tuscarawas County. A $500 million natural gas processing facility is planned, with construction expected to start early this summer. There will be 20 to 30 full-time jobs once the facility goes into operation by 2013.

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