Oil Field jobs - 300 apply to oil field jobs - Job fair next week in New Philly

300 apply to oil field jobs , Job fair next week in New Philly

Oil Field Jobs -An estimated 300 people wandered into the lobby of the Holiday Inn North Canton on Thursday, and 80 walked out with job offers.

Recruiters and managers for three Energy subsidiaries met with applicants, and two of the operations — Great Plains Oilfield Rentals and Oilfield Trucking Solutions — offered jobs.

More people will be getting jobs next week when SOS employment screens workers who stop at The Employment Source offices in New Philadelphia. Up for grab will be jobs that pay between $40,000 and $50,000 per year with Schlumberger Ltd., an oil field service provider.

Oil companies trying to tap reserves in Ohio’s Utica shale formation are looking for local people to fill a variety of oil field jobs.

SOS Staffing both conducted job fairs in November seeking workers. The about 300 people attend an event where its Performance Technologies screened candidates for maintenance and electronic technician, field supervisor and equipment operator jobs. SOS met with 125 candidates and hired 20 at its November event.

Thursday’s event displays  commitment to “to fill our regional employment opportunities with well-qualified Ohioans,” said Keith Fuller, Chesapeake’s director for corporate development. The plans to have a significant attendance in Ohio for many years to come, Fuller said.

Great Plains Oilfield Rental, said the operation will operate from a facility it has purchased in the East Canton area. It offered jobs to more than 30 people — all candidates must clear background checks and pass drug tests — on Thursday, but expects the business will grow to at least 150 employees in Ohio.

Guillotte was satisfied with the turnout of job applicants and the diversity of the applicants. Company recruiters met with applicants qualified for management, technical and field jobs, he said.

Great Plains supplies drilling companies with field equipment and is part of  Oilfield Services. Oilfield Trucking serves as a common carrier to transport fluid in the Utica and Marcellus shale oil fields. Another business — Hodges Trucking,Oil rig jobs  which provides oil field and heavy hauling services — also interviewed applicants Thursday.

Chesapeake has been the most active company in Ohio’s Utica shale, so far. It hopes to have 20 drilling rigs operating in Ohio by the end of this year, increasing to 30 rigs in 2013. The company has set up offices in Canton, the Uniontown area and is looking at other locations in eastern Ohio. The 150 employees working in the state.Then read more ...Alberta oil careers.