Oil Field jobs - Thousands of Jobs Vacancies in the Oil & Rig Industry

Thousands of Jobs Vacancies in the Oil & Rig Industry

•    We offer information for all levels – From Entry Level Through to Senior Positions?
•    If you don’t know where to start?
•    Have been struggling to find employment departments and reliable solid, contacts?
•    Are you unsure of which companies are hiring right now?
•    Are you aware of which companies take on new starts and have entry level positions?

Oil Filed Jobs -There is one industry that hasn’t really felt the recession like many others and that is the oil industry.  Over the last two years it has grown extensively and is continually looking for staff to complete the quotas.  Even as a new start, you can benefit from high pay and enjoy the luxury of extended periods of time off.  In addition to that this is an industry that favours promotion from within, so getting your foot in the door is the first vital step.

Rigworker has been operating since 1998 and has placed many individuals in a variety of positions.
So what makes this Rigworker’s service so much more effective then other rig employment services…

•    Rigworkers offer a FREE web-page resume to all it’s members.  This service is usually a paid service and the webpage often does not receive the kind of coverage that it deserves for Oil Rig Jobs.
•    The web-page resume can be updated instantly and has unlimited free updates so that you don’t ever have to send it in again.
•    The format that we host your resume in is guaranteed to be the format used by the recruiting people.  Many standard formats such as MS work and PDF files are not ideal for the recruitment companies.
•    Rigworkers has over 1200 contacts within the US and other selected international oil industry companies which means that you’re resume will get the best coverage and will be seen by the most recruiters.

Included in the service are:

•    A complete listing of the companies that are recruiting new starts
•    The listing is constantly updated with no dead addresses
•    It includes listing of companies that recruit tradesmen and women
•    The service is so seem less that it will appear as if your CV was sent by you.
•    The CV’s will be seen by the most senior member of staff responsible for recruiting
•    The process of filing out the forms is easy and simple and every member will get feedback on their application.

Your membership will include instructions on:

•    The most important elements to your CV – what the bosses love to read.  Emphasis is placed on what really grabs their attention.
•    This is a very different kind of Job Application  – what works in other industries is not the same for the oil industry – you need to know the lingo.
•    Getting your Cover letter right -  this is your first impression and it is vital to get it right.
•    The Factors that will get your application to the top of the pile.  It’s only easy when you know how.

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