Oil Fleld Jobs - Biggest Mistakes for People Applying a Job

Biggest Mistakes for  People  Applying a Job

Oil Field jobs -To get employed in the offshore oil industry isn't hard it just takes some imagination and the right information. To help speed up the process of getting hire avoid the biggest mistakes 80% of people for applying a oil rig job.

Mistake 1 - How do you look for an oil rig job?

•    Do you look for job vacancies and advertisements in the newspaper?
•    Do you go to the big company's websites like Shell or BP looking for job openings?
•    Do you go to free online job boards and submit your resume?
•    Do you go to recruitment agencies and submit your resume to the local employment board?

These are the places and methods 80% of the other hopefuls try and look for a job and if you do the same you will get the same results. If that is all you do and sit back waiting for someone to call you, you may wait a very long time. There is nothing wrong with these approach however in a concerned economy you need to be a bit more proactive.

Mistake 2 - Most People Looking For An Oil Rig Job Don't Want To Spend Money

If you don't have any knowledge you need to spend the time and money to look good, you need a professional written resume and cover sheet. It is not expensive you can get one done for around $50 however it can mean the difference between getting hired and not. If you already have years of skill in the oil fields then you can simply list the last 5 or so jobs you have done and that can be enough but without skill you had better spend some time and money to make a good impression.

What many people when starting out don't realize is that most of the big companies outsource their oil drilling to smaller specialized companies; unfortunately many of these smaller companies don't have websites making it hard to get your resume in front of the right person.

So what is the solution? The best way is to find a specialized company that will send your resume out to hundreds of oil companies at a time ensure to stack the odds in your favour, most charge around $100.

Mistake 3 - People Aren't Willing to Move.

Most job seekers have the attitude that they will move once they get hired, the only problem with this is that it can be difficult to find a place to stay at short notice. Oil companies know this and are one of the reasons they prefer to hire locals. They don't want to hire someone only to be told 'Sorry I can't find anywhere to live". If you are seeking a job offshore this is not as big an issue as it can be working onshore however having some knowledge of the local community can help.

Avoid making these common mistakes and you will greatly stack the odds in your favour of finding that dream oil rig jobs. Just remember if you do what everyone else do you will get the same results as they get, which is most of the time on job.

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