Oil Filed Jobs -Career&Life


If you are seriously thinking of getting one of hundreds of offshore oil filed jobs, despite all the things you might be hearing in the news, that job market really does need you. The pay in this industry is really good and the jobs are not going to go away.

America is one of the largest users of oil and gas in the world, relying on petroleum products to run everything and many other countries like China and India are increasing their demand as well.

To get your feet wet, you may have to start at the bottom and learn as you go. If you are eighteen years or older, speak English, can do heavy physical work and are physically fit, the job of roustabout might just get you started in a brand new career.

You may not get regular breaks and will have to work 12 hour days, seven days a week. But you're tough and strong and you'll be learning all the time which means you'll be climbing the ladder quickly. You also have to be a team player - it's crucial people work together well on an oil rig jobs

OK, you're not that physically fit nor do you want to get that grimy and dirty, what else is available? Do you like cooking or baking? Or perhaps you're a whiz at washing dishes or making beds, filing or other admin duties?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, there are lots of entry level jobs amongst the offshore oil filds jobs available. If you're washing dishes, busing tables or doing housekeeping jobs in a hotel right now, you won't want to do that forever. Why not apply for a dishwasher's job on an oil rig jobs with great pay and benefits, with a company willing to pay you while you train and a promotions ladder that lets you advance fairly quickly in both job and pay? Think of this - your starting pay could be $30k-50k a year, depending on your skills and experience.

Dish washing is starting at the bottom, but from there you can see how the entire operation runs. If it interests you, you can move up in time to being a cook or baker. If that part doesn't interest you all that much, you can move to other areas within the offshore jobs, maybe even a roustabout. There are plenty of opportunities here, as the people working on the drilling floor have big appetites and food needs to be made all the time, washing dishes and laundry are on-going jobs as well,Life's too short to sit on your hands.