Oil Rig Jobs– What types of jobs can I get?

Oil Rig Jobs -Yes, it’s very possible to get one of several high paying oil rig jobs . In some cases, having a particular set of skills or qualification may be essential. For example, if you want to apply for a rig welder job you’re obviously are going to need to have the appropriate welding skills. That being said, there are plenty of entry level oil rig jobs no experience positions available.

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The following are a few examples of high wage entry level oil rig jobs no experience you might apply for:

Roustabout maintenance man:
$45,000 – $48,000/year: These oil rig jobs are exactly how they sound… general maintenance, cleaning and painting of the exterior areas and deck.

$52,000 – $55,000/year: This is one of those oil rig jobs no experience positions that are very common for newbie’s.  As a roustabout you’ll spend most of your time guiding the cranes as they move equipment around the rig as well as general cleaning and maintenance of the deck areas. Often you will help out the roughnecks on the drill floor when needed (usually so they can take a meal break). This can be great on the job experience if you have goals of eventually moving up to a roughneck position.

Store man:
$57,000 – $60,000/year: These oil rig job no experience are pretty comfortable. As a store man you are responsible for ordering and receiving all materials needed for the stores. You should be pretty comfortable with basic computer skills. The only downside of this job is you may have to be available at all hours in case materials are arriving from the boat.

$55,000 – $58,000/year: Being a scaffolder is one of the oil rig jobs no experience where you are not assigned to any one single rig. You’ll be moving from rig to rig depending on where the work is needed.

$55,000 – $58,000/year: Painting on an oil rig is a never ending task if you get hired for one of these common oil rigs jobs no experience. As a painter you’ll constantly have work to do and you better not be afraid of heights – much of the work may require that you scale scaffolding (that you build yourself) and work from a safety harness or work out of a basket lifted by a crane (there are several oil rig jobs no experience positions that require working in heights). You’ll usually work with an assistant as well.

$60,000 – $63,000/year: If you are a permanent rig welder you’ll have a ton of work to constantly do – repairs, welding new metalwork, etc. and work on a permanent oil rig location. You may also be hired as part of a welder squad. As a welding squad member you’ll go from rig to rig doing big repair jobs as needed by your company.

Radio operator:
$60,000 – $63,000/year: This is a comfortable, laid back oil rig jobs no experience position. Not a lot of hard labor involved here. You’ll be stationary for long periods of time, often with little to do. Don’t take this position job just because it’s laid back. It’s still a VERY important position and you have to be at the top of your game.

$62,000 – $88,000/year: The pay scale range depends on what level you’re at when applying for one of these oil rigs jobs no experience positions(electrician, electronic technician, chief electrician, or maintenance supervisor). As an electrician you are responsible for maintaining and fixing ALL things electrical (including changing light bulbs!). There are times when working from heights is necessary as well, so be comfortable working out of a crane basket or harness.

$67,000 – $70,000/year: Medics are not generally doctors, although they do have a high degree of medical training, perhaps at the level of an EMT or nurse. In some cases a medic may also double as a Rig Safety and Training Coordinator. Some of the medic’s responsibilities include regular checkups of crew, dispensing medication, taking care of medical supplies, etc.

Mud engineer:
$69,000 – $73,000/year: If you have a chemistry degree this could be an ideal oil rig jobs no experience position. This job requires that you oversee the drilling fluids. You’ll need a solid knowledge of the drilling mechanics as well.

Mechanical positions:
$55,000 – $88,000/year: The pay scale depends on what level you’re at for this oil rigs jobs no experience position (motorman, assistant mechanic, mechanic, chief mechanic, maintenance manager). The responsibilities of these positions include the maintenance of ALL mechanical operations, generators, equipment, machines, etc. Like the painter and electrician jobs, you’ll occasionally be required to work from heights so be sure you’re comfortable working from a work basket or harness set up.

Rig safety and training coordinator:
$77,000 – $80,000/year: This is less of a labor job and more of a administrative job. Perfect for someone with leadership/communication skills and is computer savvy.

Oil rig jobs needed positions are often very high paying when compared to similar jobs in other industries. This is a unique industry, one that tends to hire from within and if can be difficult to get into if you don’t know how to go about it. That’s why it’s so important to get the proper knowledge of how to get hired for oil rig jobs no experience needed positions – otherwise you’ll end up spinning your wheels and getting nowhere fast.
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