Getting Started In a New Career That Requires No Experience (Roughneck) for Oil Rig Jobs

Oil Rig Jobs -Have you been looking into rough neck oil rig jobs? Has the recession left you unemployed and struggling to make ends meet? There are a lot of oil rig jobs that require no experience.

The depression hasn't affected everyone the same. College educated people have fare fine as the Internet and computers have become more common place. For people in this category, the unemployment rate is only about 5%. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for people who work with their hands.

The depression has brought you to a decision point. You can either go back to school and learn computers or accounting and try to move into those areas that are still hiring but for many people, this is just not an option. Schooling costs money and let’s faces it; some people are just not suited for working behind a desk.

The problem may be that you are in the wrong industries. Many companies need workers that will do physical labor. Those bookworm types would not feel comfortable getting their hands dirty or working physically demanding jobs. Not only would they not feel comfortable, they would be too weak to do the oil rig jobs.
Oil Rig Jobs

Housing and factory work, the type of jobs that require physical labor are in decline. You need only turn on the TV to see stories about oil companies, oil spills and record oil company profits. This is an industry that is growing and will continue to grow as the world demand for oil increases. The question is,

You could apply to different oil companies. The problem you will run into is the big names you are familiar with like Chevron, BP and Shell Oil doesn’t build the oil rigs jobs. They employ production companies you probably have never heard of to build and man the rigs. If you are looking for oil vacancies, these are the companies you need to apply to.

You can hire an employment agency. They will end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars. It might be worth it to you to pay thousands of dollars to get into a high paying career but there is a cheaper way.

Many companies will mass submit your resume to new job postings every week. They call the companies to inquire about new openings so you always have the best chance of getting hired. The fees for these companies are very reasonable, usually less than $100.

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