How to Get a High Paying Oil Rig Jobs in 72 Hours

Oil Rig Jobs -With all the fresh layoffs for jobs around the world more and more people are compulsory to consider other industries to find employment. Right now there is no better place to find high paying employment than the biggest industry in the world, the oil industry.There are many different jobs in the petroleum industry such as entry-level labour, white collar, management, administrative.

To get a better understanding the oil rig jobs in broken into three sections: Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream.

Consists of oil exploration and production like drilling. There are many contractors in this sector who specialize in servicing oilrigs, drilling, manufacturing equipment, running seismic test, etc. Some of the big companies apart of the upstream sector are Shell and British Petroleum (BP)

This involves the transportation of the oil from production facilities usually with pipelines and oil tankers to the refineries. It also includes the refining of oil.

This is the part where the oil is sold as petroleum products to wholesales or via retail such as gas stations.

It does matter what type of jobs you are seeking whether it be physical labour, office or a higher level career with specialized knowledge most of the larger companies have operations in all three sectors. So you don't want to overlook companies like Chevron, Shell, BP, and the other major corporations

Not only are there many jobs available but as an employee of a major oil field jobs with increasing experience it can be possible to move around in different facilities in many different parts of the word.To get the right start and your foot in the door go to Alberta Oil Careers  for the right advice. has been helping people gain employment in the oil industry. They offer you the best employment placement service for the oil industry available today.