Oil Rig Jobs in the Western United States (US)

Oil Rig Jobs -The oil Rig jobs in the western half of the United States are mostly located in the states of Alaska, Texas and California. North Dakota and parts of Wyoming also have oil Field jobs but the first three states are the most often mentioned when considering jobs in this critical industry. Oil rig jobs are not just offshore, but they are also on land, where the geologic formations point toward presence of oil waiting to be drilled for and then pumped out and used.

The types of jobs available are pretty much the same as the Oil rig jobs for the most part. There are the roughnecks and roustabouts who handle the rough physical labor of drilling itself and those who operate the drill and see that all the supplies and equipment are there when needed. The geologists find the likely places where the oil is likely to be found and fairly easy to access. Their task is much easier because of the computer technology that has been employed in discovering the formation of the rock layers that might contain reservoirs where the oil is found.

There are different techniques employed by oil companies to extract the oil that is in the ground. One of these is the methods of drilling at an angle or level to take advantage of the lie of the ground in helping them to extract the oil jobs. This method has caused a renewed look at older sites to see if they can be more productive if the way of drilling is changed.

There are different jobs available in each of the areas, but it takes skill and experience to extract the 'black gold' from the ground and then refine it to be used for all manner of goods from the fuel for our machines to the plastics used in computer keyboards. Many oil companies like their entry level employees to have at the very least a high school education and some demand more than that. Oil rig work is hot, dirty and dangerous; the very kind of work that draws many men and women to try and see if they are tough enough to handle it. Some do, others find different work. Research the company you are planning on applying with. A good knowledge of the company is an asset when you go into the interview for the first time. Oil jobs generally start at the least, eighteen or nineteen dollars an hour with benefits.If you have the right stuff, we'll show you how to land one at the best Alberta Oil Careers website around.