Oil Rig Jobs and gas industry scrambles for experienced employees

Oil Rig Jobs and gas companies will continue to hire in 2012 and experienced professionals will be highly sought after for jobs, according to a report released from Oil Field Jobs, oil and gas job board with U.S. operations in Houston, and Air Energi, an oil and gas information provider.

The “Global Oil & Gas Workforce Survey” found that although the oil and gas industry is still struggling to find experienced professionals as more baby boomers retire, companies are looking at more innovative training solutions to help new employees. These solutions include more internship opportunities and mentorships.Safety jobs are great opportunities for a potential career in oil rig jobs.

In North and South America, the survey found that rig workers are in short supply, particularly in the Gulf of Mexico. As oil majors continue to invest in new projects, more Oil Rig jobs need to be filled.

“With increased exploration activity across all regions, a lack of suitably qualified labor will continue to remain a concern. Many companies, however, are now giving the long-standing skills gap their full attention, ensuring they have the capability to maximize the abundant opportunities on offer worldwide,” said Ian Langley, group executive chairman of Air Energi, in a statement.

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