Oil Rig Jobs -How to Write a Killer Resume for Oil Rigs jobs On Top 5 Tips

Oil Rig Jobs - Oil rig jobs are becoming extremely popular. Take one stressed economy and add salaries that are often more than double their aground counterparts, throw in 6 months holiday a year and you've got an attractive package, despite the sometimes difficult working conditions. Many skilled and unskilled workers are willing to give the rigs jobs a try and with their new found popularity; the only way to get oil field jobs on oil rigs jobs is to write a killer Resume.

Here are the top 5 tips on how to get your next  oil rig jobs:

1. The Cover Letter:
The cover letter is vital for getting your resume read. Make it precise and to the point. Your letter will be scanned over by the reader so the important information needs to jump out. That means what you're applying for, what you currently do and why you should be considered. Keep it brief, factual and enthusiastic, no-one is going to read an essay on how great you are but they will appreciate a keen, willing attitude towards securing a job.

2. Spell check:
Read and re-read everything you've written. Read it aloud if it helps. If it sounds stupid to you, chances are it will sound stupid to anyone reading it. Make sure your grammar is correct. You might not be applying for an office job but these things show care and attention that any potential employer will be looking for whatever the position.

3. Taylor your Resume to the job you're applying for:
This is crucial. Read the job requirements and research each part. Then list your experience of the requirements at the start of your Resume. You could even top your Resume with a 'personal statement' that includes the personal and professional attributes that they're looking for. The person that wrote that job ad may well be the one that's reading it so tell them what they wanted to hear in the first place.

4. Make it look great:
Once the spelling and grammar is checked, make sure everything looks good and is laid out so it's easy to read. A messy resume shouts 'can't be bothered'. Spend some time on this, you'll only have to do the template once and just change the words. If your computer skills aren't up to scratch get some help from the experts.A few instructions on how to secure Oil rig jobs.

5. Get professional help:
Getting jobs on oil rigs can be tough if you don't know what you're doing. Securing the help of an agency that does is absolutely vital in helping you get the job you deserve and Alberta Oil Careers.