Oil Rig Jobs -Decision Drilling Oil Rig Jobs That Are correct For You

Oil Rig Jobs -When people talk about getting drilling oil rig jobs, it brings to mind hard physical labour in a rugged environment. Many oil rig jobs are exactly like this but there are many other aspects of rig work that do not involve drilling for oil or gas. A few examples would be catering staff, engineers and of course radio operators. You can get jobs in all these oil field jobs outside of the oil and gas industry but there is definitely a financial incentive to working on a rig jobs . Whether the rig is offshore or onshore, the salaries are great.

Let's take a look at the drilling oil rig jobs that are available for catering staff on an oil rig. At the top of the heap you'll find the position of camp boss. What this position entails is the full responsibility for catering requirements on the rig. If you hold this position you'll earn an average salary of $55 000. All the catering staff being the chef, stewards and night baker will report to you directly.

 Finally we get to the position of night baker. This position will earn you an average salary of $45 000, it seems like a lot, right? Well the reason is that the night baker is solely responsible for baking the bread for the rig for the next day. Safety jobs are great opportunities for a potential career in oil rig jobs.To put it mildly, no camp boss wants to explain to a hungry roughneck or roustabout why there is no bread available! Hence the great salary... it comes with a great responsibility. It is also a position that is strictly late night to early morning shift.

Another of the drilling oil rig jobs you may find suits you on an offshore rig, is that of radio operator. The average salary offered for this job is about $42 000. You'd need a radio operator's licence and your responsibilities would include keeping personnel lists for the rig. The role of radio operator is best suited to a people's person, mainly because you'd be the centre of all communication on the rig. You'd need to get on with everyone. A cool and calm personality is essential for this role as it involves all the logistics for emergency procedures.

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